The environmental policy implemented by management of JTEKT Czech Republic s.r.o. expresses the company management and the workers' attitude towards the environment.

Our tool for constant improvement of the environment within the company' activity is the standard ISO 14001, which demands observation of the regulations and constant efforts in prevention of pollution. Protection and creation of the environment, creation of

safe and healthy working conditions for the employees and their constant improvement as well as prevention of pollution is one of the priorities of Automotive Czech Plzen s.r.o. The company management undertakes to apply the following principles in their satisfaction:

  • Harmonywithenvironmentalregulationsandotherprogrammes

    • Satisfaction of valid legal regulations for protection of the environment and other demands applicable to the company.

  • Minimizationofimpactsontheenvironment

    • Reduction of pollutants released in wastewater, reduction of dangerous and other wastes, reduction of dangerous chemical substances in manufacture, reduction of CO2 emissions.

  • Optimization and reduction of natural-recourse consumption

    • Constant search for reduction of energy, input material and material consumption.

  • Readiness for emergencies

    • Prevention of emergencies and minimization of impacts of potential emergencies on the environment.

  • Evaluation of future impacts on the environment

    • Evaluation of impacts of the new technologies and planned products on the environment.

  • Education of employees

    • Training and motivation of employees to ensure saving natural resources and protection of the environment.

  • Suppliers

    • Demanding adherence to our environmental protection rules by suppliers working on our company premises.

  • Open communication

    • Communication with employees and other involved parties on the impact of company activities on the environment

This effort is shared by all of the company employees. With our joint effort, we will manage to integrate our industrial activity in the environment, which safeguards it.