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The occupational health and safety policy, which was implemented by management of JTEKT Czech Republic s.r.o., expresses the company management and the workers' attitude towards occupational health. Our tool for constant improvement of occupational safety is the standard OHSAS 18001. Creation of safe and healthy working conditions for the employees, their constant improvement and prevention of occupational deceases is one of the priorities of the Automotive Czech Plzen s.r.o. management. To safeguard these conditions, the company management undertakes to fulfil the following principles:

  • Intensive understanding that achievement of the workers' occupational safety and health protection is a fundamental necessity for the company management; it is vital to support the managers' activities directed at workers' occupational safety and health protection throughout the company.

  • Monitoring and responding to laws, regulations and decrees on occupational safety and health protection within the company rules as a preventive tool for the system of occupational safety and health protection, as well as risk evaluation. Using these activities in searching for and eliminating the risk factors, dangerous substances, etc. in the equipment and the work, elimination of accidents by standardization and easing of hard labour

  • Increasing awareness of the safety by mutual education among all workers; creation and enforcement of the culture of safety by supporting and creating daily safety activities, strong support of the "Safe Environment Creation" and "People with Strong Health Awareness" programmes and the subsequent goals in the safety and health protection:

    (1) elimination of work-related accidents
    (2) formation of comfortable work environment
    (3) elimination of traffic accidents
    (4) strengthening of fire protection management
    (5) propagation of healthy spirit and body
    (6) improvement of training in occupational safety and health protection

  • Usage of the employees' ideas in decision-making and support of the proceeding improvements and modifications with accent on processes in all phases.